Intersection of Technology & Politics: Personal Democracy Forum 2009 round-up

What's at the intersection of politics and technology? More than a thousand people at 60th and Broadway on June 29 and 30th, aka Personal Democracy Forum 2009. ...more

Are Computers and Technology Still a Man's Domain?

So are there really more men experts in the computing field or does it just seem that way? That question is part of an ongoing and raging debate about women in technology. From women missing as top speakers at technology conferences to little girls shunning computers for something less boring is male dominance in the field a reality or an illusion? ...more

but found this article via some hookups on my articles. Thanks for writing it! It's such an ...more

Clean Coal Research Using Information Literacy Skills

One of my first memories of being in downtown Los Angeles was the sensation of feeling acid rain in my eyes. It stung. I did not know what it was or the cause but I knew that something was dreadfully wrong. That was a long time ago.  The air quality in Los Angeles has improved. It was an involuntary lesson that continues to help me to remember that environmental concerns isn't a buzz word or a hoax perpetuated on the gullible. You see, it really doesn't matter to me if you believe in global warming or not. ...more

Live-blog Alert: Personal Democracy Forum 2009, Day 2 (6/30)

Tomorrow, I'll be live-blogging the following presentations from Personal Democracy Forum 2009, Day 2. I use a program called CoverItLive and embed it in a post on Writes Like She Talks. When the session starts, I start typing as it happens and you can read and/or comment - it's a great way to be there without being there. ...more

Super Additions to the Technology Blogs

Several super technology bloggers have joined BlogHer lately. Since a notice of their new blog listing comes to my inbox, I've been busy subscribing to great blogs for the past couple of weeks. I'm really impressed with what I'm seeing and hope you will find our new BlogHers as interesting as I do. ...more

Blogging While Brown 2009: An Interview with Gina McCauley of What About Our Daughters

Have you heard of Gina McCauley?  If you haven't, listen up--this is a woman who's on the cutting edge of the internet and social media and you need to get to know her right now.  If you do know who she is, read the following interview anyway, because I defy you not to be inspired by her story, her passion and her good old fashioned smarts.  Just the kind of black woman the MSM almost never talks about. ...more

Gina is doing some great work, and it was such a pleasure to be with a group of bright and ...more

Who is The Household CEO and what does it take to fill her shoes? Find out TODAY!

  What does it take to fill the shoes of today’s Household CEO? ...more

Blogging While Brown 2009: Making Money, Making Friends and Making Movies

Blogger Angel Laws started her blog Concrete Loop with five dollars in her pocket. That was just about four years ago.  Now Angel says she gets 700,000 unique visitors a day and makes about $250,000 a year through ads on her blog.  Her advice for bloggers during last weekend's Blogging While Brown conference in Chicago: ...more

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Thanks for your kind words.  I really enjoyed the conference and learned ...more

Blogging While Brown 2009: A Conference for People of Color with Lessons for All Bloggers

"Fish where your buyers swim," said Milton Haynes of Blacks Gone Geek. Before you hit publish, check your headline, "That's the most strategic choice you're about to make," said Megan Tady of Save The  "Own your digital real estate," said Hajj E. Flemings, branding expert and author of "The Brand YU Life." These quotes came from presenters at last weekend's 2nd annual Blogging While Brown conference held at the University Center in Chicago.  It's the kind of advice that's important for all bloggers but the attendees of BWB got that and much more. ...more

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Digital TV Has Arrived!

If you woke up this morning and saw Saturday morning cartoons or talking heads on PBS, you've crossed over to the world of digital TV without a hitch.  If you woke up this morning and saw snow, you have a slight problem.  That's because yesterday analog television went the way of the 8-track tape and is no more.  That's right, the long awaited digital TV era has arrived. ...more

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