2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge (Grand Prize $10,000)

21m Americans live with diabetes - yet the devices we rely on generally don't hold a candle toDiabetesMine Design Challenge the sleek design of consumer electronics (think iPod)... So patients are going "grassroots" to improve the design of tools for treating diabetes: There are exaclty 2 weeks left now to enter the 2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge, a blog-based competition calling for innovative design concepts (devices or web applications) that will improve life with diabetes. ...more

Designing Donation Sites that Bring in the Money

There are so many causes clamoring for money and help. Ten or twenty pleas for money can drift by like a river of tweets, and then you suddenly decide to donate. Have you ever thought about why? What turns the donate switch for you? The March 2009 Alertbox article from Jakob Nielsen is a report teaser titled Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits and Charities. You can get a few key points from the article, but you have to pay $98 for the full report. ...more

human[BEING]That I'm passing on to our development staff. We're in the dark ages and raise ...more

Better Blogging in 31 Days? Start Now.

Maybe you want to write better, more often or with more focus. Maybe you take photographs but have no idea how to edit them or where they'll work on your blog. Maybe your blog is bumming you out. What great things could you do for your blog in a month? And can you do them by having the courage to suck at them?  Yes, these are related questions, at least for me.  ...more

I just found my way her to Blogher as I noticed a link on several of the blogs I follow. So I ...more

Web Beginner

"Give me my college diploma!" Okay, not yet. I still have a few classes that I will finish this summer while I build a portfolio site. I am a Media Arts major, but there weren't classes for web and graphic design after the basic foundation. I learned CSS, and built a website for the campus paper using that code style. I took a class for graphic design, Desktop Publishing, and I (unsuccessfully) attempted Flash. ...more

I'm a lecturer in new media, and I teach a lot of the stuff you are learning...as for how I ...more

Authorities get tough on sexting

The hand-wringing and confusion generated by the phenomenon of “sexting” – the practice of teens sending explicit photos of themselves via cell phones – was on display again last week when it was reported that a 14-year old New Jersey girl was accused of child pornography after posting nude pictures of herself on MySpace. ...more

What can museums learn from the decline of American newspapers?

I address today's post to those who work in nonprofits, but most especially museums. Still, I think many cultural institutions and businesses would benefit from taking a closer look at the decline of the American newspaper. ...more

I find it interesting that you're making a direct comparison to museums.  Why choose this ...more

Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Eight)

These days, everything is customizable - whether you're buying a new computer, ordering a meal or getting clothes tailored - nearly everything custom-fits us and our lifestyles. And BlogHer '09 is no different. How? Well, besides offering 24 pre-programmed sessions on our agenda, we're holding two full tracks (that's 12 sessions!) of Room of Your Own panels. PLUS we're offering two full days of non-stop geeking and technology help in our Geek Lab. What's more, we're asking YOU to help us customize the agenda by voting on your favorite session proposals.   ...more

Hi Myrna, 

Here is a link to the blog badge - is that what you meant? If not, email me ...more

Is higher ed accessible?

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, and I had the privilege of accompanying an academic mentor and friend of mine, Catherine Kudlick, a professor who is partially sighted and who is a superstar in the academic world of disability studies--you can read her insightful essay on blind boot camp to get a sense of her thoughtfulness about blindness and gender. ...more

This area is one of my great interests, and some of the people I've known and admired for years ...more

Earth Hour, Conficker Worm, Follow Pothos the Plant on Twitter

The third Earth Hour event is here. It is set for today (Saturday, March 28, 2009). You can find out more at Earth Hour. Although I've seen claims on the eco-blogs that burning three candles during the hour when your lights are off would create as much CO2 as using electric energy saving lights, the point is not about creating less CO2 for that hour, but about indicating support for the effort to halt climate change. It's a massive show of support for change and it's earthwide. ...more

I agree. It is action for change like Earth hour that bring things to a tipping point. While ...more