Tech Tips and Tidbits

Looking for a steady stream of good tech tips and tidbits? Join me for a journey through some of the sources of said bits. Let's start on a light note and work toward something more serious. At Cake Wrecks: The Problem with Phone Orders you can see the hilarious results of an inadequate comprehension of tech devices. ...more

Online Resources for Self-Publishing a Book

Not long ago in a discussion here about the Kindle, Shelley from Burningbird commented that she was planning on self-publishing her next book. She also wrote about it in My DRM Free Self. Her comment set me to thinking about self-publishing. Most bloggers who publish regularly may have enough material already written on their blogs to put it together in book format. There are numerous ways to accomplish the publishing itself. ...more

Link Building vs. Content: Get Your Site to Rank Higher on Google

In the last few weeks, I’ve read tons of articles detailing why link building is better than content. It’s true, there are some sights on the web that have little to no content and are still on the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as Terri Wells writes in her article. So why not do both? Link Building – How to Look at Link Profiles Link building will certainly help your website’s rankings; however it’s the quality of your links that will take you to the top. In order to understand proper link building techniques, you need to do some research on link profiles. Unfortunately, no tools have been made to help online businesses assess link profiles. Most of the research should be done by a link specialist or a marketing team. ...more

Attention Small Business - Five Elements of Social Media Free White Paper

When it comes to social media, do you ever feel like you’re blowing a kazoo in the middle of a marching band brass section?  Or do you feel like your occasional trumpet calls get quick salutes but no lasting results? ...more

Spotify will make piracy pontless

Spotify is developing an application for Android mobile phones with capabilities to store and access playlists without an internet connection. The streaming music service released as teaser video of its Google Android app, with plans for further details today at the Google I/O developer's conference in San Francisco. ...more

The Saint Of Search Engines

My files disappear into my computer with great regularity - even the ones I name myself using such explicit language that I’m certain they’ll pop up when I need them.  Wrong.  Whatever language I used is not the language that comes to mind when I search for them. ...more

A TeleSummit for Women Who Tech

Women Who Techis a telesummit. In its second year (the first year was a big hit), the telesummit uses the Internet and plain old phone conferencing to pull together a diverse group of women in a format that allows them to talk tech. The date for the telesummit is Tuesday, May 12 (right, that's tomorrow). Registration is still open for some of the panels. It's not to late to get in on the excitement. You pay a mere $10 to register for your first panel. After that, you receive an email that allows you entry to two more panels. ...more

from some of the people who attended last year, so I appreciate your comment.

Virginia ...more

Be Careful What you Send Mom This Year

Hey!  Are you being careful with what you send your mom for Mother's Day this year?  Or, are you aware of the danger when opening e-cards or gift links on Mother's Day?  Well, I do!  Last year, my friend sent me an e-card ...more

Amazon buys Stanza--eBooks are a force with which to reckon! I reckon...

Amazon buys Stanza! This could develop into something very interesting. Read more here. ...more