What are the challenges your aging (grand) parents are facing when using computers and internet ( if at all)?

  Hello, I'm new to Blog Her. I'm the CEO and co-founder of a start up (www.famililink.com) providing an easy online communication platform for 1.less tech savvy people (aging adults, grandparents) to easily connect with their loved ones online and feel included in the family digital loop. It offers a one stop website and a very easy to use navigation and message system. Family and friends easily communicate with their older loved ones and provide support using their preferred digital communication form like outlook or other email systems. ...more

The Technology Blogs Said That?

It's time for a general wander, gander, meander among the technology bloggers who fill the BlogHer blogrolls. What in the world have these women been saying among themselves? At dotfiveone, ubergeeke took a moment to mention the Linux Pro’s ROSE Gives Verdict On SCALE, in which she pointed out something about the number of women at the Southern California Linux Expo. ...more

to articles I consider useful, but I do it as a way to create a bookmark for myself in many ...more

The Audience is Tweeting

It happens to public speakers, even the President. It's not stage fright. It's people Twittering in the audience, commenting on your talk even as it's happening. (See Lawmakers Twitter During Obama Address) In a research report released in February, MarketingVOX shared this in Fewer Keynotes, More Tweeting: ...more

I get caught up in being fast and facile, especially at conferences where I'm trying to upload ...more

Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Three)

We've published our BlogHer '09 agenda, we're beginning to announce speakers, and now we're searching for The Next Great Idea. If you've looked over this summer's pre-programmed schedule and wished for a session on [fill in the blank with whatever your heart desires], you may want to consider looking toward our two Room of Your Own tracks or full-on Geek Lab, which will offer both Beginner and Advanced sessions of, well, geeky stuff. In fact, I'd love to share with you some of the sessions that caught my eye this week. ...more

About so many great Room of Your Own ideas! You featured my fav here, which is Book Bloggers: ...more

Here Today, Online Forever

February 23, 2009 ...more

Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Two)

Last week I began a series that I've decided to re-name Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own. This series explores three sessions you may have overlooked in each of our on-going polls for the BlogHer '09 Geek Lab and Room of Your Own submissions. What's that? You didn't know about our polling system? ...more


Hey Jes!

 We just added our lil room to the list. We hope our topic is one ...more

Keeping Tabs on the Kids (and Others?)

February 16, 2009 ...more

I was reading your post and I wondered if you had heard of zhiing. It's a free application ...more


Yesterday, during a break in our current rainstorms, I went out for a walk. There were a few others on the street as well. Walking up the hill I saw the most gorgeous cloud formations ever! They varied in color from dark black to light grey, in numerous beautiful shapes... almost as if a sculptor had piled various types and colors of clay all over the sky... and there in one corner it was bright blue where Mrs. Sun was peeking through to tell us she was still there. ...more

Ode to Geek Love


The Return of the Chain Letter

February 12, 2009 My 9-year old daughter has discovered e-mail – and so have lots of her friends. She has had an account for a while now but only to receive and send the occasional cute message to family that she doesn’t see too often. ...more

and meme killer in my family, but my granddaughter hasn't realized it yet, since she has begun ...more