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The Return of the Chain Letter

February 12, 2009 My 9-year old daughter has discovered e-mail – and so have lots of her friends. She has had an account for a while now but only to receive and send the occasional cute message to family that she doesn’t see too often. ...more

and meme killer in my family, but my granddaughter hasn't realized it yet, since she has begun ...more

Geek Lab and Room of Your Own Sessions – Part One

One thing I love about BlogHer is how much our conference is actually programmed by the BlogHer community. We listened when you suggested panel ideas and speakers for the programmed tracks of BlogHer '09. And now we're soaking up all the ideas you're submitting through our polling system for the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own sessions. ...more

I see your point, so I've pinged our developer to see if we can change the settings of how many ...more

Replace Bad Blogging Habits

Be a better blogger. Yep, that's what this BlogHer series is all about. Maybe you have some bad habits that need changing. Here are a few tips to move you in a new and better direction. ...more

if I try to copy from Word into WP via Firefox, it adds all manner of junk code that changes ...more

Digital Watch for Women - psst... wanna help a grassroots business bloom here on BlogHer?

Last summer I counted my 12 digital watch purchases in just 5 years.  "Why are all digital watches black or have Ironman printed on them?" I asked no one in particular. So, here I find myself starting a new business in the middle of a bad economy:  A digital watch with alarms and timers -- but one built specifically for women.  A classic watch to track wake-ups, bus times, workout schedules - help balance lives/careers by forgetting those pesty "daily or weekend" recurrances.  We'll be in market for Holidays 2009. ...more

Women in Tech: Women I Met at Web Directions North

I just got home from Web Directions North, a conference for web professionals. This year it was in Denver. The conference was founded in Australia in 2004, by Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp the creators of Style Master software. The goal of Web Directions is to bring together, educate, and inspire the web industry’s leading experts from around the world. ...more

were on nights after I'd left. I only attended the pre conference day. Going to conference ...more

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

February 4, 2009 Facebook celebrates its 5th birthday today! ...more

It's A Virtual World

February 2, 2009 If you think your kids are being inundated with promotions and special offers to join all kinds of online virtual worlds, that’s because they are! ...more

Two tools that may make online life easier

I've been using two new tools lately that are helping me quite a bit. One is a website/blog/service called Tumblr. The other is a Firefox plugin called Power Twitter. Tumblr can be a blog or a way to share. It's free and it's easy. The Curvature is using her Tumblr site as a true blog. On her regular blog, also called The Curvature, she explains ...more

it almost makes it worth the extra screen real estate of running it in Firefox all the time ...more

Fem 2.0: What's Happening Today and Where are We Going in Feminism and the Digital World?

I'm only 33 days into 2009, and already I faced a major disappointment: I missed Fem2.0. I know - it's especially bad since I've been hyping it up all over the place as the most exciting, most amazing opportunity to dialogue with other feminists in my (short-ish) lifetime. But I just got a new job (and it isn't related to feminism, or I'd have got them them to send me), and school just started up again (and it would be bad to miss my second class, especially since my writing was being discussed), and isn't that the way life works for a lot of feminists? We want to be there, blazing the trail for social justice and equality, but life gets in the way. We have families to attend to, classes to be at, careers to nurture, and blah blah blah. ...more

Thanks for continuing to share links and thoughts. It is just a reminder that the people who ...more