I had to learn this mantra: Get up. Again. And Again.

A female mobile tech entrepreneur’s story. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. And, in my case, this was true in more ways than one.I was getting my MBA at Emory University in Atlanta, at night, and working my corporate advertising job during the day. But my last semester, in the wake of the financial crisis, I was laid off....more

Home Automation and Future of Advertising

The past few years have given us the smartphone and the smart television, but the dream of the smart home – one where appliances talked to us, the blinds opened when the sun rose, or the garage door opened automatically when we pulled into the driveway – seemed to be lost on the horizon … until recently. Now, new technology is making attainable the dream of a smart home....more

Toymail sends & receives messages to your kids instantly

Toymail sends & receives messages to your kids instantly...more

Are Smartphones Endangering the Future of Television?

Since its inception in the early part of the 20th century, the television has been a mainstay in homes across the planet. With the advent of gadgets that allow us to watch movies and TV series without cable TV, however, the landscape of television is just about to change.For instance, the rise of smartphones, such as the BlackBerrry 10, iPhone, HTC One and Samsung just might pull the plug permanently for the television. Suddenly, the future of TV is no longer as certain.History of the TelevisionMade available to the public in the 1920s, the television was a huge step forward in private entertainment. By the 50s, advertising companies realized the potential of TV exposure, hence the prime rate of TV advertising, even up until today.In the 70s, additional forms of entertainment were produced for use with the television. For instance, TV attachments became popular, such as the videocassette recorder. There is also the DVD, Blu-ray, and the various game consoles which are quite popular today. You would think the TV is safe from extinction. But is there really a future for television?...more

Storypanda App & Giveaway: Read & Create Storybooks

Storypanda App & Giveaway: Read & Create Storybooks...more

CES 2014 Las Vegas – How to Save at the Consumer Electronics Show

About five years ago, I was watching a morning news segment broadcast at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada....more
I'll be attending CES 2014 with my awesome friend girlmeetsgeek . We actually met at CES in 2011 ...more

Which Tech and Gadget Trends Do You Think Are the Most Exciting?

If you love tech and the latest electronic gadgets, we are living in absolutely amazing times. On any given day, you can use an iPad app to scan the celestial stars in the sky or a Kindle Fire HD tablet to watch stars of the Hollywood variety walk the red carpet in streaming video. Forbes has predicted that by 2014, more than 70 billion mobile apps will be downloaded from app stores every year....more