City Girl’s Guide: Surviving the Parents Tech Checkup!

Happy Holidays! I know everyone is gearing up to "deck the halls" or in my case, plow through my mom's annual "tech to-do" list. ...more
That's definitely on my list now! Thanks :)more

Best Geeky Halloween Ever!

Geeky Halloween 2012 We all know that Halloween is for the children grown folks who need a moment to relive their childhood. While I hid from the little goblins and ghouls until about 10 pm, many of us adults partied until the wee hours of the morning the weekend before.With most of the East Coast still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, I wanted to bring some slight relief to some of my readers and showcase some of the BEST Geeky Halloween costumes I saw floating along the web. So, here we go!...more

Pick The Top Inventions From The Past 100 Years

The women in the BlogHer community tend to be very digitally savvy compared to the average woman. We love our smart phones and our laptops and our tablets (especially the iPad). We love our e-readers, shopping online, blogs, and social networks. There are also plenty of BlogHers who geek out to the space program, or hybrid cars, or watching the latest popular TV series (Downton Abbey, anyone?) on their HDTVs. ...more
I'd add one not on this list: antibiotics. Penicillin was invented in my eldest sister's ...more

The iPhone 5: Five Years in Real Life Is Like Five Decades in Tech Years

I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 for a very long time. I was already completely ready to turn mine in for an upgrade last year at this time. Why? I have been using the original since 2007. No joke. Today, it's a beautiful, sleek, antique metallic phone on which I can receive and place calls but effectively use very few other features. I don't tend to be in a hurry to have the latest, greatest thing. For examples, I resisted upgrading to the 3G, the 3GS, the 4 and the 4S....more

Versatile Blogger Award

I think my friend Kristen over at Part of the Planawarded me this but with the busy, busy week I’ve had, I could be wrong. But, I’m going to use a healthy dose of ego and roll with it and even if she didn’t, she should have. We’re both Kristens and all.....more


When it comes to social media, it takes a lot to wow me. Due to the nature of my business, by the time everyone else is on the bandwagon about something, I’ve typically moved on or it’s become common place for me (think Pinterest)....more

It's a great time to be a Gadget lover

It's the best time of the year and I have to watch by the sidelines.  The Consumer Electronics show has kicked off in Las Vegas today with Press Confernces from both Sony and Microsoft. CES is massive and basically takes over Las Vegas for the week....more

5 Fabulous Tech Gifts for Moms

I will never forget the year I tore open a holiday gift with my name on it, only to pull out...a onesie. For my second baby. Or at least I hope it was for her, because there was no way I was fitting in that thing 2 months postpartum....more
well i have the fit bit ultra in plum, i love it and all it has done so far as making me aware ...more


Twitter really annoys me and just when I'm about to pack it all up and accept the ignominy that will result something useful happens.  Last week it was finding people on Twitter who were posting useful translations of the political situation here in Greece.  But mostly it annoys me and I think it's because I don't quite get it and I the etiquette of it seems to beyond me. ...more

Power outage! Post from a darkened room

Thank goodness for iphones, or how I knew I'm really in this challenge. It added a little more excitment of the good kind considering how bogged the cell network was while trying to do this. But I managed to download and install the wordpress app and get it going.This was posted on my blog last night about 10:30 during a power outage:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~