5 Fabulous Tech Gifts for Moms

I will never forget the year I tore open a holiday gift with my name on it, only to pull out...a onesie. For my second baby. Or at least I hope it was for her, because there was no way I was fitting in that thing 2 months postpartum....more
well i have the fit bit ultra in plum, i love it and all it has done so far as making me aware ...more


Twitter really annoys me and just when I'm about to pack it all up and accept the ignominy that will result something useful happens.  Last week it was finding people on Twitter who were posting useful translations of the political situation here in Greece.  But mostly it annoys me and I think it's because I don't quite get it and I the etiquette of it seems to beyond me. ...more

Power outage! Post from a darkened room

Thank goodness for iphones, or how I knew I'm really in this challenge. It added a little more excitment of the good kind considering how bogged the cell network was while trying to do this. But I managed to download and install the wordpress app and get it going.This was posted on my blog last night about 10:30 during a power outage:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~http://www.pywacket.org/wordpress/?p=897...more

Fill 'er Up!

It's November, which is always a busy time of year. Holidays approach, relatives' and friends' birthdays...Training for and running half marathons...Creating content for the Vegas Tech site...Opening a library...And now NaBloPoMo.Yep. I want to have my cake and eat it, too.Bring it, November.Been training to run three half-marathons in ~60 days. Three days of running, three days of cross training / stretching, and a day of recovery....more

My Family is Killing My Klout Score

I've mentioned a time or two that I'm a wee bit controlling.And that I thrive on all things quantifiable.Given those two facts, you won't be surprised to hear that I have had a love affair with Klout.I have a morning routine that goes a little something like this:Get up and greet my husband, who typically has two hours on his day already....more
I love this post. And it's part of what inspired me to CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. Because I was spending ...more

Take Your Bookmarks With You Using Firefox Sync

Searching for a smooth transition through your digital life? With much of our time now spent in destination to somewhere: vacation, school, the morning commute - it's not surprising that more and more people are investing in some type of mobile device. So, what kind do you get? Laptop, eReader, tablet...upgrade to a smartphone? Answering that question usually involves a bit of research and energy. ...more

New Social App Set to Help Drive Small Business Try Qwiqq Today- It is Free!

Qwiqq Poised to Help Salons, Stylists, Spas, Fitness Spur on Business:I am so proud to announce that our first Hair Salon/Stylist has posted a deal on Qwiqq, a FREE social marketing deal site in Itunes, now available.  We couldn't be more proud that a someone has decided to give Qwiqq a try. The deal was posted by Teetrand in Charlotte, NC.  If you are in that area.. check it out.  Teetrand posts:  "$25 off any color service at HCX first time clients Set up appt w/Tee" ...more

Wanna Know If There's An App For That? Well, there's An App For That.

Gonna get all Inception on you. Watch out.Say you're surfing a site and think: "Hmm, I wonder if there's an app for that?" (For the site, that is.) Well, the Googlers want to help make your life a whole lot easier by showing you —in your address bar— if there's an app for that.So to be clear: if you want to know if there's an app for that, there's an app for that. Your brain hurting yet?...more

Apple might not find this funny but I do: Steve Jobs in Carbonite

The lawyers at Apple have ordered a cease and desist on an iPhone case....more

Kewl Design Alert: Indescribable Surprising Machine Will Surprise You (video)

I love me some good design. (See all my design-related posts if you doubt me) And this is definitely some good design. I had really no idea what I was going to see when I hit play but you should have seen my eyes within the first 10 seconds. WIIIIIDE open. Holy cow!So then I showed it to the Dude and his Dad separately. Same reaction! The actual practical application for this device is smart and a bit boring. I envisioned it being in science labs and eventually homes. Can you imagine the infomercial?...more