New Social App Set to Help Drive Small Business Try Qwiqq Today- It is Free!

Qwiqq Poised to Help Salons, Stylists, Spas, Fitness Spur on Business:I am so proud to announce that our first Hair Salon/Stylist has posted a deal on Qwiqq, a FREE social marketing deal site in Itunes, now available.  We couldn't be more proud that a someone has decided to give Qwiqq a try. The deal was posted by Teetrand in Charlotte, NC.  If you are in that area.. check it out.  Teetrand posts:  "$25 off any color service at HCX first time clients Set up appt w/Tee" ...more

Wanna Know If There's An App For That? Well, there's An App For That.

Gonna get all Inception on you. Watch out.Say you're surfing a site and think: "Hmm, I wonder if there's an app for that?" (For the site, that is.) Well, the Googlers want to help make your life a whole lot easier by showing you —in your address bar— if there's an app for that.So to be clear: if you want to know if there's an app for that, there's an app for that. Your brain hurting yet?...more

Apple might not find this funny but I do: Steve Jobs in Carbonite

The lawyers at Apple have ordered a cease and desist on an iPhone case....more

Kewl Design Alert: Indescribable Surprising Machine Will Surprise You (video)

I love me some good design. (See all my design-related posts if you doubt me) And this is definitely some good design. I had really no idea what I was going to see when I hit play but you should have seen my eyes within the first 10 seconds. WIIIIIDE open. Holy cow!So then I showed it to the Dude and his Dad separately. Same reaction! The actual practical application for this device is smart and a bit boring. I envisioned it being in science labs and eventually homes. Can you imagine the infomercial?...more

What NOT to Buy a Geek Mom for Mother's Day (or: Why I Hate Tech Targeted "To Women")

Here, I'm going to give you a little spoiler: don't buy Mom any tech that's targeted to Moms. Period.I came across an article on Ubergizmo for a rumored new HTC Bliss phone, which is being touted as an Android phone for women.Now, being a Droid lover I like to check out new Droid phones. But being a woman, especially a geeky one, I did not like the sound of a phone marketed to women. By that, all I could think was that it's really for Moms and that could only mean......more

Useful WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

Plugins are one of the reasons WordPress bloggers love them some WordPress. Plugins add functions and capabilities to your blog with all sorts of helpful and useful enhancements. There are currently over 14,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory. ...more
Everyone uses CommentLuv but no one actually uses it to promote communication..more

The Enchantress of Numbers: Ada Lovelace

The daughter of Lord Byron, mathematician, and the woman credited with being the world's first computer programmer still inspires...Augusta Ada Byron, born in 1815, lived a short life of rigorous study, frequent illness, family drama and later, great intellectual and mathematical work. More than a hundred years after her death, she is an inspiration for computer scientists everywhere, especially women....more


Windflowers . my father told me not to go near them. He said he feared them always . and he told me that they carried him away Windflowers, Beautiful windflowers I couldn’t wait to touch them, to smell them I held them closely. And now I cannot break away. Their sweet bouquet disappears like the vapor in the desert. So take a warning, son. Windflowers ....more

Internet Exile, Part Two

Two quick observations after avoiding the Internet for a week:...more

What to read before you buy your iPad 2

If you read my blog, then it is no surprise I love almost everything about my iPad. Sadly, I do not have the iPad 2–yet. The timing of the launch of the new iPad 2 conveniently fits the shopping deadline for my daughter's upcoming birthday. (And fortunately we like to share gadgets.)...more