Market Like a Mother: 5 Steps for Successful Social Media Blogger Outreach

Moms do a lot of things right. We develop networks of friends to help us in a pinch. We shift though countless options for our kids (soccer, piano, or underwater basket weaving) and choose with laser sharpness. And we work efficiently to run our homes, nurture our children and make sure everyone is having a good time with rich experiences. Marketing like a mother (or father) is about marketing in a way that comes naturally to us as friends and caregivers. To market effectively we need to market authentically....more

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Science fiction geeks as technology prognosticators

Search engines, virtual worlds, the Internet — ever get the feeling you're living in a science fiction fantasy? Well indeed you are. For more than a century, inventors have been driven to create what sci-fi writers have boldly imagined before. via

I think that its essential to be smart, funny, and able to access the internet wherever I go.more

Mom vs Machine: The BlogHer-Parenting Magazine Research Study

When it comes to online behaviors and technology use, what are Moms doing online? And what do they really think about what their kids are doing? Do they embrace or fear technology?  Are there generational gaps?  How do moms use their own tech knowledge and social media savvy to monitor their children’s behavior online?  The news is chock full of stories about cyber-bullying among young people, but is it really an everyday occurrence or still mercifully rare? ...more
Hello, Thanks for putting this together!  Fascinating research.  I am particularly interested in ...more

Join us for Singularity University's Women @ the Frontier

Women at the Frontier will begin with a Frontier Expo showcasing groundbreaking women-led initiatives, companies and entrepreneurial ventures, and women's resource associations. Current Expo presenters include Girls in Tech, Pachamama Alliance, NAWBO-sv, Spark, the Myelin Repair Foundation, and several women led tech start ups....more

The iPad: a Near-Miracle for My Son With Autism

My son Leo's life was transformed when a five-dollar raffle ticket turned into a brand-new iPad. I'm not exaggerating. Before the iPad, Leo's autism made him dependent on others for entertainment, play, learning, and communication. With the iPad, Leo electrifies the air around him with independence and daily new skills. People who know Leo are amazed when they see this new boy rocking that iPad. I'm impressed, too, especially when our aggressively food-obsessed boy chooses to play with his iPad rather than eat. I don't usually dabble in miracle-speak, but I may erect a tiny altar to Steve Jobs in the corner of our living room....more
Hello Shannon! I just found your blog and seen the story about Leo and his iPad. I have a 12 ...more

Market Like a Mother Tips for Promoting Your App, Small Business, Blog and More

I have to say I've been having a blast Marketing Like a Mother. That is, doing a guerilla marketing campaign for my humor iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry.   Marketing Like a Mother Means: Making a plan and methodically working your plan. Marketing on little bits of time that mother's have....more

so many entrepreneurial moms marketing apps. Sounds like you have a good thing going, I wish ...more

Funeral Service --- Technology Bridges the Miles

 I would like to share with you a story of something that happened in my life and how I used modern technology in a way I’ve never seen it used before.  It is something you or someone you know may be faced with at any time.  It was the death of a loved one.  ...more

Sign of the Times? Texting During Sex

When you read a text, a Twitter or a Facebook status update, do you ever wonder what else the sender is doing?  Hopefully she's not driving, though maybe you picture her doing one of the other things people are known to do while texting:  walking a treadmill, sipping a latte in a coffee shop, or banging her husband like a wild orangutan in heat. Wait, what? ...more
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How to Get a Handle on Your Privacy in Facebook’s New World Order

Do as I say and not as I did which was to allow Facebook’s Open Graph protocol to go crazy with my information. Facebook's Open Graph protocol creates connections between your likes and interests listed in your profile and the company fan pages and Facebook community pages....more