Market Like a Mother Tips for Promoting Your App, Small Business, Blog and More

I have to say I've been having a blast Marketing Like a Mother. That is, doing a guerilla marketing campaign for my humor iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry.   Marketing Like a Mother Means: Making a plan and methodically working your plan. Marketing on little bits of time that mother's have....more

so many entrepreneurial moms marketing apps. Sounds like you have a good thing going, I wish ...more

Funeral Service --- Technology Bridges the Miles

 I would like to share with you a story of something that happened in my life and how I used modern technology in a way I’ve never seen it used before.  It is something you or someone you know may be faced with at any time.  It was the death of a loved one.  ...more

Sign of the Times? Texting During Sex

When you read a text, a Twitter or a Facebook status update, do you ever wonder what else the sender is doing?  Hopefully she's not driving, though maybe you picture her doing one of the other things people are known to do while texting:  walking a treadmill, sipping a latte in a coffee shop, or banging her husband like a wild orangutan in heat. Wait, what? ...more
@nadeshiko_c ya sabes, 1 de cada 10 menor de 25 hace el colmo posiblemore

How to Get a Handle on Your Privacy in Facebook’s New World Order

Do as I say and not as I did which was to allow Facebook’s Open Graph protocol to go crazy with my information. Facebook's Open Graph protocol creates connections between your likes and interests listed in your profile and the company fan pages and Facebook community pages....more

I think my computers all decided to do a robot uprising.

The night before last, my laptop decided to wake me up by playing music, from...nothing, apparently. The speakers are always muted, and I don't even have a media player on the laptop. Weird. So, I picked the little bastard up, hit the mute button again, checked to make sure the cord was still in okay, and set it back down under my end table.So, yesterday, I woke up and grabbed my laptop from beside my bed, and...noticed, somehow, even though it was still plugged in, it was dead (obviously just trying to catch me off-guard)....more

SxSW: A Top 10 List

Last year my friend Lisa (you may recognize her from Twitter as @pprlisa) made me laugh (EVEN THOUGH SHE IS NOT THE FUNNY ONE, LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR) when she came up with this Top Ten Reasons I Didn't Go To SxSW --that's "South by Southwest" for you unwashed uninitiated undesirables. #GoogleIt ...more

Annoying behavior that's (unfortunately) revealing.

Anger tells me more about myself than just about any other emotion.  Maybe not specifically anger, because I’m not a very angry person, but certainly impatience.  And that tone of voice we get when we’re annoyed?  One of my least favorite things when I hear it coming out of my mouth. After going through a series of trials, minor and major, I realize this behavior refutes what I think I know about what kind of person I am.  ...more

Building your brand on Facebook

What Women Do with Twitter

What are we doing with Twitter? And what are we saying about Twitter? Twitter's big, but what does big mean to your everyday online life? ...more

I haven't been on Twitter for long but I do retweet sometimes - mainly if I think it's funny ...more

Ten Years in Tech: Marissa Mayer and Dori Smith

In the ten years since 2000, things changed rapidly in the technology field. We get used to them day by day, adopt changes and never look back. When you do take a moment to look back, you realize how much really has changed in the last 10 years. As part of BlogHer's 10 in 10 series, here are ten things about the last ten years of technology, starting with women in tech. ...more

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