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ByteStyle Ep. 1: New Media, Best/Worst of the Web, Get Cash for old Gadgets

I just posted the first episode of my new tech/politics/news podcast, and would LOVE some feedback. In this episode: the Media Revolution (ditch your cable!), trade your gadgets for cash, and my picks for Best and Worst of the web. My goal is to bring some attention to emerging technologies, startups, news, and tools that support the creation of a new media marketplace, preserve a free and open internet, and generally show ways we can use technology to live better. ...more

A Photo a Day: 2009 in Pictures

The new year is 11 days old and if you take a picture, it'll last longer - I promise. In fact, take 365 (Or 354 now, I guess) and it'll feel like a lovely, photographed eternity. Go on. Do it. ...more

I won't even try. I just don't have the time. I set a goal once to take a photo a day for a ...more

Searching the Internet for Help with Tech Questions

New blog, new software, new gadget—what do you do when you can't get it working right or can't find the answer in the manual? Or maybe you found the answer in the manual but it just doesn't make sense. I turn to the Internet, as I'm sure many of you do. There are sites dedicated to providing tips on most topics. Here are a few good places to start looking. Of course, you can just go to Google or Yahoo! and search for answers. But if you know there's a good site on your topic, why not start there first? If you don't find what you need, then search. ...more

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2009 Internet Marketing Forecast

If it already feels like your online business is lagging in last year’s dust, keep in mind that it’s normal to fall behind in the race. However, it’s absolutely possible and critical to pick up the pace of your marketing strategies and increase your chances of taking the lead. But where do you begin and how will you know what to do? The key to Internet marketing and the path to web success in 2009 is anticipating customer needs and making every second count for your business on a daily basis. ...more