Take Control of Your Blog: Learn HTML

If you're blogging and you don't know even a little bit of HTML, you're doing yourself a disservice. HTML (which stands for HyperText Markup Language) tells a web browser how to diplay text elements on your web page. Learning and using HTML is fairly intuitive; I think you'll find it very easy to learn. Knowing how to use HTML on your own web site or blog allows you to enhance your own posts and troubleshoot small issues that arise (like when your posts don't appear quite the way you intended). ...more
check out http://webdeconstructor.com/   it's an web-app that let's you analyse what websites ...more

Say Hello to the Open Source Decade

Open Source has been around for quite some time, but odds are most people you ask won't know what "open source" is. This isn't because open source is obscure, but rather it has slipped into the mainstream, and unless you're already in the know, there's no real reason you will have noticed it. But open source is here, and it's growing. Linux maximus ...more

In Sri Lanka (and quite likely other third world countries), open source is huge. Where ...more

Read the instructions first? Really?

Now comes the time for getting acquainted with our new products.  Assembly instructions.  Operating manuals.  Warranties.  Oh my. It’s not just the digital camera, the cell phone, the hand steamer, the bagless vacuum with three different filters, it’s also the computer which had to be replaced in an ill-timed holiday rush....more

Geek-lovers’ Gadget Gift Guide

Money is tight. Maybe you can't afford to give that new iMac your techie is longing for. But there are still many gadgets and services that the tech loving geek in your life will love. ...more

As an entrepreneur recently who entered the competition sponsored by the Golden Field office ...more

Pumpkin Spice Latte & Frugalista Chic

Ahh... the holidays are upon us... Images of sugar plums dancing in our heads while dreaming if Santa Claus will be providing us with treats (or a big fat lump of coal) under our Christmas trees. Who am I kidding?! That is what I want.. those images on the books I read to my son at bedtime. ...more

I love the holiday drinks. I splurge on Starbucks too. That is actually one of my favorite ...more

I'm an eBay junkie

I'm an eBay junkie and bidding is the cure     I've become an eBay junkie. I know, seriously, where have I been?   eBay is awesome. The excitement of bidding on items is exhilarating. I love watching that bid go up on the screen next to the words: "Your bid is:" and then seeing that little blinking notice: "Congratulations! You are the high bidder on this item!"   I revel in refreshing the screen to see if I'm still the high bidder, ...more

Thoughts About Buying The Right Digital Camcorder

It began with a question from Texas Mama. She needs to move up to a digital camcorder but doesn’t know what to buy. I understand, it can be a challenge. What most people want is to create a video that will share a memory, a concept or a situation. ...more

I bought my computer in 2006 but the SDHC memory cards were just coming out.  So yeah, ...more

iTunes 9: How to Share at Home and with Friends

iTunes 9 has arrived, sporting several new tech features that make it worth your time to learn to use. If you use an iPhone, you can now use iTunes to arrange the apps for your iPhone home screen. This new feature is the one that has many users excited. Here's Miraz from MacTips explaining Use iTunes to arrange apps on your iPhone screen. This article gives the directions in text and as a video. Here's the video; refer to the article if you want to see the steps listed in writing. ...more

Should your blog have an hCard?

What's an hCard, you ask? It's a digital version of a business card. You put it on your blog or website and it provides your name, your contact information and other information you want people to know. Because it's digital, it can be exported from your web page to an address book and synched to a mobile phone. Google and Yahoo! both index information in hCards, so it gives you some search engine clout as well as providing portable contact information to your blog's users. ...more

I hope you find it valuable.

Virginia DeBolt

10 Tips for Connecting Offline and Online Action for Your Do Good Project

  Source: DotRights Campaign Britt Bravo and I have been working a series of posts for those just getting starting designing and implementing a "Do Good" project online.   Each post includes 10 starter tips on a different aspect of a do good project.  So far, we've covered:...more