Amazon's New PayPhrase: Will you or won't you?

Amazon's new PayPhrase technology promises to speed up the buying process on Amazon. But it isn't only for Amazon. It also works for Amazon partner sites DKNY, Jockey, Patagonia,, and J&R Electronics. I already had One-Click buying enabled on Amazon, and using PayPhrase on Amazon isn't much different. Instead of buying with the One-Click button, you buy with the PayPhrase button, and then enter a PIN to go with the PayPhrase. ...more

It's pretty much books, movies, cds and software. No MP3s or Kindle store. A few electronics. ...more

Web 2.0 Sophisticate or Commonsensical?

When I agreed to be a room parent for my son’s Kindergarten class, I knew full well that my work schedule didn’t accommodate a lot of hanging around on the sidewalk talking to fellow parents about the upcoming class parties.  After speaking with the Kindergarten teacher, I learned that much of the class party planning could be accomplished through email and phone calls between me and the parents.  Nice. Wait, did I say nice?...more

If I could never talk on it again, I wouldn't.

Elisa Camahort Page BlogHer ...more

Parenting in a Digital World

You've seen the talk shows and heard the playgroup buzz: What the heck are we doing about the influence of social media, cell phones, games and other technology on our little angels? ...more

 ...can get a teen-ager to do anything.


The Future is Liquid and I Want It - Exciting Devices

From Nan Hickman's blog: The Japanese are living our future. At CEATEC, the annual Japan high tech show, they tease us with it. Take a look at the Fujitsu concept phone from CEATEC 2009: the Ameboa. It looks like a piece of crystal and changes its display to a keyboard to an internet browser to controls. There are buttons on four sides of the phone to change modes. ...more

What appliances can you not live without?

We have been hanging all of our laundry out to dry ever since June, when we had the unfortunate wet- sneakers- in- the- dryer incident. ...more

I agree with Sassymonkey. Living without a fridge would be such a major ordeal. Right now our ...more

Productivity and design Mac apps I use every week (or thereabouts) ... and apps I don't

It's pretty safe to say I spend 12 hours or so a day on my Mac — or a Mac. So I thought I'd document, if not the what of the check I'm doing, then the how. Here they are. I tried to break them down by category, because nobody can really use a laundry list of 20 or 50 or 100 things presented in a blog post, just laid out there as if it were helpful. Excuse me for a side rant: ...more

Thanks for sharing all those links & apps. I've used some, but not all.

I've used ...more

Star-Crossed Lovers? Technology To The Rescue

“God, you're not going to ask me what my zodiac sign is, are you?” he asked. Actually, I was going to ask his Myers-Briggs type, which is a common mode of personality typing and what I consider a very useful tool in relating to individuals, but his reaction to the possibility of being asked what his sign was struck me. ...more

I was fascinated by both when younger and convinced I could get them to correlate exactly (12 ...more

The TimeBomb That Is Facebook

You ever feel like you are walking on the ragged edge? You oughta. ...more

Great post!

Ruthie's Renewed Treasures


15 Websites for the Tech-Savvy

If anybody knows me they know I'm a junkie for apps. My Blackberry and PC are full of applications to make things easier. I usually stray away from web applications. However, there are websites that offer services I just can't ignore. I have place for them in my bookmarks. Some of them I use often while others are scarcely used. They are still very helpful and very friendly for the tech-savvy. For me, they're really good for blogging, writing, and designing. Others are just for pure fun. The rest are to fulfill my complex of needing to be organized at all times. ...more