Get Going with Tabs

Are you working as fast and smart as you could in your browser? One way to do that is with tabs. You'll learn about working with tabs in Firefox in this article. Most of these tips will also apply to Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera—though you may have to search the menus for the capability. ...more

Web Success Strategies Learned from the Online Marketing Summit

By: Alyse Speyer, Copywriter - Web Success Team On Tuesday, June 16, I packed up my laptop and headed down to Long Beach, CA to attend the Online Marketing Summit. The main areas covered were Social Media, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), Web Analytics, Usability, Email Marketing, Digital PR and Integrated Marketing Strategy. This all day event included expert speakers from major online marketing firms such as Ray “Catfish” Comstock, Debbie Qaqish, Tim Ash, Steve Woods, Dana Todd and many more. Each speaker discussed real world experiences; case studies; analysis of what works, what doesn’t and why. The Web Success Team learned many practical applications and cutting edge strategies that will benefit clients. ...more

Protect Against Identity Theft

If you have any experience with identity theft, perhaps you'll share you story and help those of us who are concerned about it develop some good habits and protections that will keep us safe. Identity theft is a serious problem. It's also a common problem. Most of all, it's a horrible situation to deal with once your identity has been stolen. There are all sorts of police reports, credit records, and other legal problems to clear up and correct. Credit cards or other stolen accounts must be closed and protected. ...more

Thinking about a Switch to a Mac?

I am planning to give my daughter my old laptop for her birthday. It's a two year old MacBook that I have completely filled up. When it's all cleaned up from my files and programs, it will be perfect for her. Her only worry is that she is so used to a Windows machine, she won't be able to use a Mac. ...more

I agree with you on the virus protection. I run a virus protection program on my ...more

World Food Program: On the Road in Tanzania Video Blog

Screen capture of video blog I was an early adopter of video blogging and screencasting.  In the last year or so, I've gotten away from it.  I really miss making videos and screencasts.  ...more

What's in Your Traveling Bag?

We're all running here and there to conferences and meetups–not the least of which are the upcoming BlogHer conferences. Traveling, traveling but in a high-tech, gadget-happy world, what do you pack? What do you leave at home? ...more

Thanks for all the great ideas!  Good thing I work in an electronics store, I can pick up an ...more

Words Can Paint A Thousand Pictures

With the school year ending, creating a word-cloud for your child at can help you express the personal growth you’ve seen in them this year and affirm his/her efforts. Best of all—it’s free! ...more

Weisure Time – Can You Have It All And All At Once?

Work Time +  Leisure Time = Weisure Time.* Weisure rhymes with seizure, and I hope that that will not be the result of this crazy lifestyle of weisure that we created for ourselves. Basically, “weisure” is the loss of distinction between our work and leisure time. As we have more work than ever to do (and the economy doesn’t help) in combination with the ever increasing capacity of technology, it has become easier than ever to let our work slide into our leisure time. Our oh so smart phones contain our link to the rest of the world ...more