Good W/omen making a difference [Vita's Guests] vitalingus - @ 10:32:am

Good W/omen making a difference [Vita's Guests] vitalingus - @ 10:32:am Part 3 interview with LIZA of Culture Kitchen. W/OMEN'S VOICES USING SOCIAL MEDIA AS A TOOL Women networking, consuming and producing in the 21st century... /p> VITA How have things changed for bloggers since the advent of media owned blogging sites? LIZA The game has changed, especially in the last two years.58% of blogs out there may well be w omen's blogs Yet if 90% of the traffic is only going to just 10% of those blogs.. Given that 10% is not only being funded by big ...more

10 Summer Vacation Photo Commandments

The summer solstice puts the actual season a few weeks away, but the May and June proliferation of graduations, weddings, beach trips and barbecues mean summertime even if the calendar hasn't yet caught up. Since so many events often mean much capturing of memories on memory cards (and film? Yes, please?), it seems like a good time to make a little list of Ten Entirely Subjective Commandments for Successful Summer Photography. Let's shoot, shall we? (Sorry.) ...more

Will be sure to come back to this before I leave for vacation!



Vita's professional Boundaries

Monday, Sep 25 2006 Fair play & clear communication [Vita's Rules/ ...more

Google Web Elements

The big hoopla this week in the world of technology came from Google's I/O conference. Among the announcements was one about Google Web Elements. What are they and what can you do with them? Google Web Elements are widgitized versions of Google products such as calendars, chat, maps, custom search, YouTube news, and docs. You can add these widgets to your site or blog. Most of the widgets were already available. Now they've been aggregated in one spot. YouTube News is a newly added item. ...more

Thanks for making that a simple explanation. Much easier than wading through some of the ...more

4 Tips For Graphic Designers in A time of Recession

For the most part, graphic designers have an edge in a hurting economy.  Although businesses resort to least expensive ways of doing business during a time of recession, web design still remains necessary.  Designers that do well don't just sit around waiting for work to come to them, though; they pro-actively make their business more well-known and credible.  It is necessary to be seen and trusted.  The customer pool is there, but you have to jump in it to survive.  So, educating yourself during a recession is important for remaining current with the demands of the economy.  Understa ...more

Staying Organized Using Technology

Last week I explained how to go paperless to reduce your clutter. Part of going paperless is being extremely well organized. That's what I want to discuss today: how to be organized using the technology at your fingertips: Google applications, smartphones, and a few gadgets and ideas. ...more

I totally want one too. I just know it would make my life easier and more organized. ...more

Does the Kindle Make Sense?

I read a lot, but I don't buy a lot of books. I get books at the library. I buy magazines and newspapers, but only the occasional book. The other day I grabbed a book at the library called Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott because of this sentence on the inside flap of the cover: "The bottom line is this: if you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future." ...more

does he complain about being traumatized by the sound of pages turning? Then there's the ...more

Pepper Spray Pen for Self Defense in the Workplace

A pen is something we all carry at one time or another. But a pepper spray pen can also be your unnoticed weapon of self defense. Whether you take it to your workplace or college campus, this uniquely disguised weapon can actually be used to prevent crime because of it's element of surprise. ...more

Something Besides iFart Stinks At Apple

One of the latest iPhone applications to be rejected by Apple is Me So Holy, an 'offensive' app that allows a user to pull a picture from his camera roll and paste it into an outline of Jesus's face. But what criteria did Apple use when faced with the decision? Why would the company reject that app but accept an equally offensive app called iGirl?   ...more

The Saint Of Search Engines

My files disappear into my computer with great regularity - even the ones I name myself using such explicit language that I’m certain they’ll pop up when I need them.  Wrong.  Whatever language I used is not the language that comes to mind when I search for them. ...more