Does the Kindle Make Sense?

I read a lot, but I don't buy a lot of books. I get books at the library. I buy magazines and newspapers, but only the occasional book. The other day I grabbed a book at the library called Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott because of this sentence on the inside flap of the cover: "The bottom line is this: if you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future." ...more

does he complain about being traumatized by the sound of pages turning? Then there's the ...more

Pepper Spray Pen for Self Defense in the Workplace

A pen is something we all carry at one time or another. But a pepper spray pen can also be your unnoticed weapon of self defense. Whether you take it to your workplace or college campus, this uniquely disguised weapon can actually be used to prevent crime because of it's element of surprise. ...more

The Saint Of Search Engines

My files disappear into my computer with great regularity - even the ones I name myself using such explicit language that I’m certain they’ll pop up when I need them.  Wrong.  Whatever language I used is not the language that comes to mind when I search for them. ...more

Creativity via Math and Uncovering Our Latent Math Skills

I ask you your kind indulgence. I know this post has the word math in it. I do have pictures. This might not seem like an education post but it really is. It is about the creativity and the math skills we use everyday. There are women who use math and mathematics to create extraordinary works of art and function.  Or both. Pre-Ramble Flashback ...more

Meant to link above to Sew, Mama, Sew.

I've been there. The very thing you want no part of ...more

A Goodie Bag filled with Great Blogs

Some people read the dictionary for fun. I read the BlogHer blog lists for fun. When I see an unfamiliar name, I like to check it out and see what I'm missing. I often find blogs that are too good to miss ever again. ...more

you found a good resource.

Virginia DeBolt

Made By Hand By Me: A Co-Op Artisan Network

If you're selling your handmade work online, you know how challenging marketing and promotion can be. No matter which venue you choose to house your shop, getting potential patrons to view your work is one of the most difficult aspects of an artistic business. Enter Artisan Co-op. We are not a venue. We are something entirely different. ...more

Author Rights vs. Disability Rights

There are two definitions of "rights" in this discussion. The first is copyright, the control of intellectual property. That's the author rights. The other is the right to equal access to information. That's the disability rights part of the issue. ...more

thanks for adding to the conversation. It's a multi-headed beast, is it not, and finding a ...more

Silos Culture Inside the Walls of Nonprofits Prevent Effective Social Media Use

Flickr Photo by Eqqman One of my favorite things about writing a blog, are the conversations in the comments and sidebars (private email conversation).   I learn so much from those who have shared their stories and advice.   ...more

So why is the information so siloed? Is this a matter of corporate culture, budgetary issues ...more

Web Beginner

"Give me my college diploma!" Okay, not yet. I still have a few classes that I will finish this summer while I build a portfolio site. I am a Media Arts major, but there weren't classes for web and graphic design after the basic foundation. I learned CSS, and built a website for the campus paper using that code style. I took a class for graphic design, Desktop Publishing, and I (unsuccessfully) attempted Flash. ...more

I'm a lecturer in new media, and I teach a lot of the stuff you are for how I ...more