Technology and Me

Floppy Disc

I am not a technologically savvy person.

Do you want to know something embarrassing? I didn't own my first computer until the summer of 2013. That was not a typo.  I purchased my first computer 8 months ago.

No, I am not old.  The internet was invented before my age reached double digits.  I am a millennial.  I am an active member of generation Y.  I just prefer to participate off-line.

 My History

I grew up in a high-tech world.  My childhood was spent surrounded by computers, e-mail, cell phones, and video games. I should have developed a knack for digital stuff, but I did not.

Somehow, for my entire life I have been disconnected from all technology know-how.  I never had an AOL instant messenger screen name, I never signed up for facebook, and I didn't even create an e-mail account until my second year of college (which, coincidentally, is the same year I purchased my first cell phone).  

Speaking of college, did you know that I spent my entire freshman year walking to and from a computer lab that was 2 miles from my dorm room? Why?  It was the only computer lab on campus that had computers with floppy disc drives. 

Yeah, for my entire first year of college, I saved all of my assignments on floppy discs.

(No, I didn't go to college in 1992)

 Talk about the not-so-cool kid.  Geez.

Miss Nutralicious Provides IT Support

Even worse than my lack of understanding when it comes to technology is the fact that my family members count on ME for IT support.  

Grandpa needs a DVD player set-up?  He calls me.  My mom can't get a wireless internet signal at home?  She calls me.  Dad can't get the TV to change to the History Channel?  HE CALLS ME! (I actually did solve this problem, the remote didn't have batteries in it.) 

Once, my dad emerged from his tool shed and this conversation happened:

Dad: "Hey, look something up on the computer for me, will ya?"
Me: "Sure. What do you need to know?"
Dad: "I need instructions for building a birdhouse."

Not bad!  Oh wait, then this happened:

Dad: "Start by searching for 'birds', but if that's too specific try typing in A-N-I-M-A-L-S." (And yes, he seriously spelled out "animals" for me.)

Sure dad, if the internet has never heard of birds before, I'll try searching for 'animals' to find your birdhouse instructions. I bet that will work.

Another time this happened: I visited my grandma and she warned me to avoid going into her study room. Apparently, her computer had a virus that she didn't want me to catch.  Upon further questioning, I discovered that she had turned her computer off to let it rest for a couple of days. The prognosis was that it would be up and running in no time.

Oh boy.  

It looks like floppy disc girl needs to learn more about technology. My family is counting on me.

Becoming a Technology Guru

Join me as I embark on a trip along the information highway, through the Silicon Valley, and deep into cyberspace to learn all of technology's mysteries.

Yes, I am on a technological journey.  Now that I am a (self-declared) professional blogger, I feel that it is my duty to understand how the internet and all of its gizmos work.  Since I purchased my computer, I have been working hard to catch up with the tech advancements that have taken place since 1994 (if you didn't know, there have been a few).

Miss Nutralicious' 2013/2014 Technology "Firsts"
Purchased a computer
Commented on an on-line article/blog
Created an on-line store
Created a Weebly account
Joined Twitter
Created a Pinterest account
Participated in a Twitter party
Participated in a link-up/blog hop
Added a widget to the Miss Nutralicious website (I'm still proud of this one)
Added a Bloglovin' button to the Miss Nutralicious website

This might not seem like much to someone who is ALREADY a technology guru, but I am impressed, and impressing myself is what matters on this website.  (Oh snap!)  


Please wait while I fill my brain with more technology. 

On my journey towards becoming a technology guru, I have learned that all this high tech, electronic, technical STUFF is super exciting.  It is also frustrating, funny*, helpful, and super confusing.  As I trudge through web pages of information and pretend like I understand HTML code, I continue to unearth helpful stuff that is helping me enhance the Miss Nutralicious website.

The biggest challenge for me is figuring out what I SHOULD know.  Whenever I feel like I am comfortable with my technology knowledge, something like Bloglovin' comes across my radar and I think to myself, DUH self, why didn't you know about this?!? 


I accept the fact that I will never know all of the ins-and-outs of the tech world, but I look forward to advancing my skills. I'm excited to discover new gadgets, apps, and widgets that I can use on the Miss Nutralicious website.  I also have no problem avoiding lame technology that doesn't enhance this space.

I accept technology for being the weird, cool, confusing beast that it is.

What technology do you absolutely love? What is the one program, app, gadget or tool that you couldn't live without? Spread the word and help a newbie out!

Enjoy Life!
Miss Nutralicious 

*The funniest thing I've discovered on my technology journey so far?  My much younger, technology savvy brother has a twitter account that consists entirely of "ridiculous stuff my dad says".  IT IS HILARIOUS!!!  My brother will never know that I follow him on twitter, and my dad will never know what twitter is.



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