Technology and why has it taken over?

Do any of us remember what life was like before computers and cell phones? I remember how life wasn't so hetic and people actually talked face to face with each other. You actually mailed a letter through the post office and not email. I was a eighties kid. Computers were becoming popular but expensive. Bulky and loud. Cellphones were for cars and the very rich. Fast forward to 2014, everyone has a cellphone or as they are  called a smartphone. Computers are now laptops and IPads or kindles. Life is revolved around social media and how we can one up each other in technology. How did this happen? Why did this happen?  Because it is the sign of the times and keeping up with other countries is what this country must do to survive. Technology is the norm and there is no way of getting around that fact. There are constant updates, new gadgets and apps to download. Just today I learned to upload videos from one place to another all because of a simple app. Thank goodness for my gadget friends or I would have never known. I just purchased a kindle in the last year to keep up with reading and that my friends is the best invention ever. I can catch up on my movies and my books. I still miss using a payphone but can not imagine life without my cell phone. It is also my planner without that I would have no ideas what was going on in my life of writing. If technology wasn't where it is today, where do you think we would all be and what would we be doing?



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