Is Technology Ruining Childhood?

Back in the day, children didn’t have the advanced technology that they do today. They didn’t have computers or cell phones or tablets. Instead, they used to play outside with their friends. They used to get dirty, they used to ride bikes, and they used to have fun doing it.

Today, children are spending more of their free time on technology. They’re playing video games, they’re scouring the Internet and they’re socializing with friends online instead of in person. Is this type of technology addiction ruining childhood?

a kid with iPad

Kids are becoming lazy.

Rather than spend a Saturday afternoon outside with their friends, kids are staying indoors and playing on their phones, tablets or computers. Instead of going to a friend’s house, the simply chat with their friend online. This type of behavior has led to an increase in child obesity. Children are not getting the physical activity they need in order to maintain healthy weights, and it is because they are using a lazier form of entertainment and socializing.

Kids are expecting too much too quickly.

With the Internet at their fingertips, today’s children are not learning how to be patient. Instead, they have the ability to access information and get their answers within seconds. By giving our children this type of satisfaction, we are teaching them that everything needs to happen right now. Children don’t learn how to wait patiently or work hard to achieve anything, and this can have a negative effect on the future.

Kids are growing up too fast.

Because of the information that children have access to, it is forcing them to grow up too quickly. Instead of cartoons, kids are watching teenage werewolves and vampires have babies. Instead of playing hopscotch, they’re watching YouTube videos of soft porn. Young kids today know too much about sex and violence than they should, and it is because they are not sheltered from this information.

Kids aren’t being socialized.

Thanks to social media, kids aren’t meeting up with their friends face to face to do activities. Instead they are texting, talking via social media or using some form of video chat. While talking with others is still good for communication skills, having a face to face interaction with people is more beneficial than a phone call. If a child is always hidden behind their computer screen, cell phone or tablet, they will not learn the necessary skills they need in life.

Technology is going to continue to advance, which means that the things your child has access to are going to increase. Instead of allowing this behavior, parents need to take a stand. Force your kid to get outside—without their phone—and play a good old-fashioned game of basketball. It will be good for their health, it will be good for their socialization, and it will make them experience childhood to its fullest.

Alexandra Kelly is a dedicated mother and school teacher who loves to write in her spare time. She is a grammar fanatic and always encourages her students and children to proof their work with a grammar checker. She even uses one to help her find all the mistakes and correct tricky grammar rules that she has forgotten.

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