Teddy is our fifth family member


When we came home with Teddy, three years ago, we had no idea what to name him, we had a list of names that were suggested to us, but we could not commit to any of them.

At one point, it was time to go out to dinner, so we placed him in his crate: which we often refer to as his room, we left him safely home. While at the restaurant, we were still trying to come up with a great name for our new family member.  

During dinner, I realized that I needed to stop at the supermarket for some essentials.  We paid our bill, and off we went to Stop n Shop. While we were shopping, my husband looked at me and said, “We need to go home… Now”, with a look of concern.  He told me that when he placed the dog in the crate he didn't take off his collar. I turned white with fear, and we quickly checked out our items and rushed home. Worrying that his collar could be hooked on the crate and, well you know.  A ten-minute car ride felt like a seven-day voyage, getting stuck at all the traffic lights and driving behind Miss Daisy too.  

We finally made it home, I suggested that Nick go in first and check on the dog – he went into the house, walking the 100 steps to our bedroom, he opened the door, he looked in and said, “Teddy we’re home”.  That’s how he got his name – he was fine. Whew!

His name is actually Teddy Bear Einstein – he is a love, he doesn't bark unless he has too, doesn't shed, and just loves to cuddle, when he is in the mood. 


Although Teddy is his name he also answers to a few nicknames such as: Tender, Tenderness, My Baby, Fagiolo (bean); recently while Teddy was vacationing at my sister’s house, my nephew started calling him Mart….

I think he loves his name and all of his nicknames too.

Do you have a nickname for your pet?











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