Teddy is sent to the naughty corner

image of teddy sitting in the naughty corner

I really wasn’t sure if sending 3yo to the naughty corner was
working. He sometimes puts himself there. Sometimes tries to send me
there. Then he sent his Teddy there, this is the story…   

3yo and Teddy were having a nice game of pretend driving. They were
going to the shops. 3yo asked Teddy to put his seatbelt on. This of
course is a sensible request of any driver to their passenger – safety
should always come 1st!

Except – shock horror – Teddy said “NO!”

Oh dear.

3yo dragged Teddy to the door. “Naughty corner Teddy.” “Stay there.”

3yo came back to the living room and got on with tidying his pretend
car. Then after the required time, he went back to Teddy. “You sorry

It appears Teddy WAS sorry, he got a hug and he returned to the
game. Both got into the pretend car, put on their pretend seat belts,
and drove to the pretend shops.

What did I learn?

  1. Always do as I am told by 3yo, or I will end up in the naughty corner.
  2. Always put your seatbelt on when driving.
  3. Imagination is WONDERFUL!
  4. Discipline has sunk in. 3yo DOES understand.

2yo took this photo himself. Photographer in the making?

It wasn’t the same as a picnic in the park. But it put a smile on our faces and fruit in our tummies. What more can you ask for…


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