Teenage Love Affair- "Empowering your Future with Entrepreneurial Passion"

Teenage Love Affair encourages teen girls to discover their strongest qualities, while learning ways to best capitalize on those unique traits. Entrepreneurship has the ability to empower, while building a portofilio for the future. 

Girlpreneurs are what we need to become to take charge of our future and how we are misrepresented in today’s society. We need to discover our passions and pursue innovative ways to create change in the world that will reflect our true identity. We must focus on loving ourselves and accounting for our self worth at an early age.

Teenage Love Affair is founded on the belief of Teen Entredependence™, the growth of teen independence through the use of entrepreneurial experience. We provide learning opportunities through direct entrepreneurial networking. We offer interviews with successful teen and women entrepreneurs, workshops, community small business opportunities, and assistance with fulfilling your entrepreneurial knack.