Teens and cell phones

Wow!! Cell phones and teenagers can sometimes be a deadly combination. Our most recent cell phone bill was outrageous. I reviewed the bill and found out that my son purchased points for a game. He knows he's not supposed to do that. So I'm going to make him pay it back. But I think he needs punishment for the crime. I think I might suspend his phone line for a while to teach him that cell phones are a luxury not a necessity. Speaking of punishment makes me think back to when I was a teen. If I had done something like that the punishment would be more severe. But I would never have done something like that in the first place. It just shows how the times have changed from one generation to the next. It seems like parents (myself included) these days want to make sure their kids have every single thing that comes out. The latest video game console, cell phone, computer, etc. we are the most giving parents. But really what are we teaching our kids? We are sending them the message that they are entitled to all of these luxuries. If we fail to get them we are somehow bad parents. So if and when I suspend my son's phone line there will be chaos in my house and I will be labeled a bad parent because I turned his phone off.


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