Teens with a Passion for Pinterest: A Good Thing?

Whenever a new social network becomes popular, teens usually help boost its popularity into the stratosphere, and suddenly we modern parents have something else to worry about.  First we had to learn about MySpace and "chat rooms", then we were attending school seminars about Facebook, then it was Twitter, and now...Pinterest? While I'm a Pinterest newbie, my 17-year-old daughter isn't, and so far, I'm thinking I'd rather have her checking out Pinterest than constantly keeping up with Khloe Kardashian's Tweets...because my teen has gotten out our long-forgotten sewing machine, glue gun, and paint brushes, and is actually making things after seeing them "pinned" on Pinterest!  And I'm talking about things she can actually wear-- maxi dresses, bracelets, shoes, a denim vest...all this in just the past few weeks from a girl who usually spends her free time either sleeping or watching recorded episodes of "Dance Moms"!

While the house is a little messier with craft supplies scattered about and I think there's probably some homework that's not getting done, I'm still pleased at this renewed interest in do-it-yourself projects and think that the skills she's honing will serve her well in the future. So bottom line, if kids are inspired to actually do something with what they see on Pinterest, whether it's cooking or nature photography or arts/crafts, I think it's a good thing.  I recently posted about other benefits of this Pinterest interest on my blog at www.uncoolmom.com.

Since I wrote that, she's actually worn one of her creations to school and is now getting requests to make things for other students, students willing to pay her, which is yet another benefit of following Pinterest-- but this could lead to a lot of stress for her (and me) if there's not a plan in place.  So once again, some parental guidance is going to be needed. Luckily, I am still her main source of transportation and I think I am going to tell her that I can only take her to buy supplies on weekends, and she can only work on the projects on weekends or better yet, during the summer!  And, through Windows, I always put time restrictions on computer use during the school week, and I can always tighten those restrictions if too much Pinterest surfing is going on.

If you have a teen, have you noticed them having a passion for Pinterest? Do you think this is a "good thing"?  Am I missing any "Pinterest pitfalls"?


Patricia, www.uncoolmom.com


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