Teens, Tampax, Swimming and MOMS

This is the time of year that many teen girls consider using tampons for the first time because they want to swim with their friends, and do more types of other outdoor water activities, such as boating, water skiing, water tubing, canoeing, kayaking, water parks, etc.   

Along with hearing from teens, in the spring and summer, I hear from more moms about their daughters’ angst about using tampons.  Basically, moms want to know how they can make it easier for their daughter to learn to use tampons.  While there are many stories of success, there are also some that include tears, frustration and some shock once the daughter learns that the tampon goes into her VAGINA.   Rest easy all, as there is absolutely no reason to change your fun plans or alter any of the wet summer activities.   And Moms:  You can be your daughter’s most trusted expert.  

First, I would start out by telling your daughter that many girls feel unsure about using tampons for the first time.  However, once she learns, it is something that will allow her the freedom to do what she couldn’t do with just pads, as her only option.   

A make it easier to insert suggestion:  For first time users, plastic applicator tampons with a rounded tip offer a more comfortable insertion experience.  Make sure to begin with the lightest absorbency for the need.  Importantly, have your daughter practice tampon insertion when she is on her period.  Tampons should never be used when anyone is not menstruating, even to practice.   

As far as what to do next, there is really great information and tampon insertion instructions at beinggirl.com, along with experiences from other girls who have tried tampons for the first time.   Your daughter will also find some free sample offers.  Teens tend to think that they are alone when it comes to feeling unsure about tampon use.  It always helps them to know that other girls had the same angst while learning to use tampons.  

Just bringing up the topic with your daughter will help her know that you get it.  In fact, share a fun story about when you started using tampons.  You can also tell your daughter what your mom did to support you or NOT!!  Bet your daughter will enjoy hearing about that.   My daughter couldn't believe that my mom gave me a big fat wide pad with a pad belt to use, regardless of the season.  Along with that, she handed me a page out of the newspaper that was part of pile that she had ready for period time.  My instructions were to use the pad then wrap it in the newspaper and dispose of it DISCREETLY in the bathroom waste can.  NO KIDDING!!  I learned to use tampons thanks to a best friend with a more enlightened mother experience.   My motivation was huge.  

My final bit of advice:  Use sun protection and enjoy the summer with your daughter – when she can squeeze you into her busy fun schedule!  

Would love to hear your experience!



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