a teething tot

a teething tot

Not even the Homies are making Micah happy. Poor kid. He's got his hands stuck in his drooling mouth half the time now, acts out at the drop of a dime. He's miserable about it but can't stop himself.

Teething sucks. And those are some mighty big molars it looks like he's getting...

I went to The Book to see what to do about it - I'd honestly forgotten all about teething. Good refresher course for what's coming with Moxie, eh?! But I digress. The Book said not to use the tried n' true gems from earlier, like the frozen carrot, because he could bite off a bit and choke. It said bagel, okay. No teething biscuits (- could lead to tooth decay).

While I was at it, I read up on potty training. They've got a great big section on that. Lots of tips and tricks And then headed over to his month-section. I really love this book. Which is kind of funny, given how much What to Expect When Your Expecting freaked me out. I mean, it made me run out of the bookstore, freaked me out. The Toddler Years is different. I just checked but no, it's the same author. How weird.


It's really good. She's got a great, positive angle for just about everything. She's clearly a Superior Parent or she's one of those mothers that I see while I'm waiting in line at Trader Joe's and I end up feeling like the crappiest mother ever. You know her: she's the one who is happily engaging her (many) well-groomed children in stimulating and delightful activities whilst patiently waiting. Like some kind of modern-day Mary Poppins who signs and only buys organic. I'm the one with the wild-haired child, ragged yoga pants, bellowing something like, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Micah! Not the wine!!!" Just as he takes a bottle out of a neatly-stacked pyramid (while he's seated in the cart to boot) and it all comes crashing down in a huge wine-y mess.

Okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating.

But just a little.

Back to the point. The point was: the book is really good! And my baby boy is hurting now and that's no fun. Healing vibes your way, honey. Get those molars in already.





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