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These days, it often seems like there is nothing worth watching on television.  Sometimes it seems like your time would be better spent watching a blank screen.  This is why i gave up cable television, to much money for too little good TV.  The good news is that there is video out there worth watching, but you may have to look somewhere other than your cable provider to find all the great stuff that is out there.  That's why I want to take a moment and share with you five shows I think are worth watching.

1.  Classic Doctor Who

Classic Doctor WhoMy husband got me started watching Doctor Who.  My favorite Doctors are the 9th and 10th Doctors played by Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.  We are currently waiting for the episodes with the 12th Doctor to begin, so we are now watching old Tom Baker episodes.  This is my husband's favorite Doctor.  He's been a Doctor Who fan since Tom Baker was in first runs, so now I am checking out his favorite Doctor.  These episodes are shorter, only 30 minutes, and the production values aren't great.  However, it is still worth a watch.  And if you are a fan of the current Doctor Who, you may recognize Tom Baker's companion, Sarah Jane.

You can find the Tom Baker Doctor Who episodes on Hulu.  His episodes begin with Season 12.

2.  Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little MosqueI know I've mentioned Little Mosque on the Prairie (Little Mosque) before, but since I just finished watching it all the way through for the third time, I think it bears mentioning again.  Little Mosque is from the CBC and is about a small mosque in a small prairie time in Canada.  This show is extremely funny and very family-friendly.  If you get started watching, you'll come to love the characters in this show.  I just cannot recommend this show more highly.  I know I'll be watching it again in the future.

You can find Little Mosque on Hulu.  The first three seasons are the best, but all six seasons are worth watching.

3.  Agents of SHIELD

Marvel's Agents of SHIELDI am sure most of you are fans of The Avengers movie.  I know I personally saw it four times in the theatre and now have it on Blu-Ray.  Because The Avengers was so popular, Agents of SHIELD is the show you are most likely to already know.  But if you have not heard of Agents of SHIELD, let me tell you about it.  SHIELD is Nicky Fury's organization and this show follows their activities as they go around investigating problems that only SHIELD can handle.  Heading up the team is Phil Coulson.  That's right, Agent Coulson isn't quite as dead as we thought and he's back in action.  This really is a great hour of television.  One thing to remember is that this is not a super hero movie, this is the SHIELD team doing investigations  I think some of the complaints about the show result from people expecting a super hero movie.  One fun thing about the show is that the cast is on Twitter when the show airs on ABC and twitters along with the fans.  Adds some additional fun to watching the show.

This show airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.  You can watch back episodes on  The next new episode will air on 3/4.

4.  The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow PeopleThe original The Tomorrow People was a British television show that ran in the 1970s.  The show followed a group of young people who possess the powers of telekinesis, teleportation and telepathy as a result of evolution.  Although there are changes from the original show, the current U.S. show has the same basic premise.  The antagonist for the show is an organization that seeks to remove the powers of these evolved young people.  The show centers around the interaction between the young people who have evolved to have the special powers, their attempt to protect other youth with the same skills and the attempts of the antagonist to find them and end their powers.  We are currently in the first season of the reboot, but so far I've found the storyline engaging and I try to make sure I am home to catch the episodes when they air.

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