Tell Me What You Truly Want

It's surprising when asked what you want, you may not know the answer. It seems like such an easy question. Something that you may have thought about every once and awhile. But there seems to be a difference between thinking about it and someone asking you what it is that you want. All of a sudden there seems to be an awkward pause. What is it that you truly want? The answer that was on the tip of your tongue a few moments ago, now seems stuck somewhere between your mind and your voice. It seems as if you need more time to think about it. As if what you say out loud has more power than if it remained just a thought. What if you give the wrong answer, then are you stuck with what you say? Know that it doesn't matter whether you say what you desire out loud or to yourself, it has been released to the universe either way. Everything is possible when you believe it to be true. So what is that you truly want?

Walk along the path with me...

(For some reason, I'm really good at manifesting food. I'm not sure if it's because it's such a basic want. When I crave for a specific dish, it usually comes within a day or so. I'm always surprised at how it comes to pass. I guess that's why I continue to believe in the power of our desires. It's not how the universe delivers, it's that we are heard.)


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