Tell Us About Your Favorite Books!

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Are you a book lover? We know from our market research that the BlogHer community has a lot of women who are passionate about reading. We are looking for your favorite books in this week's poll.

The eclectic list below has a little bit of everything: classic novels (Oliver Twist), popular best sellers (The Stand), perennial favorites (To Kill a Mockingbird), and polarizing politics (The Fountainhead and 1984). I've even included the one novel that always seems to make it onto every professional Top 100 list (James Joyce's Ulysses), even though to my everlasting Irish-American shame, I've never once managed to make it all the way through the epic tome.

Pick your favorite books from the list below. This is a highly subjective topic, so I know that even if I included a hundred books on the poll, I would still be forgetting YOUR most loved novel. That's why we have the comments section, so please tell us what keeps you turning pages (or clicking your Kindle) until the wee hours of the morning!


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