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There was an era not too long ago when the recording industry was a mass medium. It was common for millions of people to like the same rock or pop artists and listen to them simultaneously on a quaint electronic device called a radio.  That's all ancient history now, while we load individual songs onto MP3 players and niche genres have become the norm.  I'll have some indie, alt country, techno, club, dub, fusion jazz, trance, trip hop please, with a side of ska.  

For this week's opinion poll we're wondering if there are still any commonalities for music among the BlogHer community.  Tell us about your favorite recording artists.  Are you a rock, pop or country fan?  Did you ever have an unforgettable live concert experience?  When I was a teenager, I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band at the legendary Bottom Line club in NYC.  The Boss actually danced on my table and the live concert bar was set impossibly high for me at a very young age. 

Tell us about your magic music moment by leaving a comment below!


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