Tell Us About Your Ultimate Mother's Day Fantasy

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Mother's Day is coming soon, and we want to know your ultimate fantasy regarding how you'd like to spend it. Ladies, you don't even have to be a mom to play this game. Maybe your kids are of the cat or dog variety or maybe you'd like to make plans with your own mom ... we want to know what kinds of activities would make your heart soar. Some families like a big Sunday brunch. If you're planning to do lunch outside the home, you better make your reservations soon. The restaurant association says Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year to eat out. Maybe your most soothing fantasy is a day of solitude. There must be plenty of moms so crazy busy all the time, they would swoon to spend the day alone in a hammock, finishing a whole magazine without interruption. And then there are the moms that live life on the edge. You'll find them in a kayak or climbing a rock wall in Yosemite.

I am a life long "Trekkie" and happen to share my passion for all things Spock and Kirk with my son. We'll be planning a Mother's Day celebration a bit late, because our ultimate celebration is going to involve popcorn and seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness at a nearby theater.

How about you? Tell us your mom's day fantasy by picking from the list below or leaving a comment!



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