Ten in December 2010

Here's the background on the X in 2010 Challenge.

Oops. I'm behind schedule already - I caught the cold the 15 year old brought home and I'm sick, sick, sick. Not a good way to start off a monthly to do list, is it? I've got a lot to do this month and I really need to get it DONE.

1) Clean my desk, darn it.
2) Get the boxes mailed, darn it!
3) Write the blog posts Julie needs.

4) Finish the Cybil's Challenge - one book left!
5) Create my 2011 reading challenges.
6) Take some REAL vacation days when the kids are here.
7) Get TW's mother's dresser and the new prairie dog cage put together. (TW did both of these over the weekend. Yay.)
8) Ship the Sous Vide back.
9) Get the blow up Santa with flamingo-deers set up.

10) Work on a budget for 2011....

What's on your to do list for December of 2010?

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