Ten To Dos in December 2012

The last month of the year and I'm ready to GET STUFF DONE. How about you?

1. Get all of the packages for JMP and his parents mailed by 12/7.
2. Take a real day off of work! No email, no spam, no nuthin...
3. Clean the stockpile room and the cabinets before the big kids come home for Christmas.
4. Make caramels (and send some to my mom.)
5. Get my car fixed (sniff).
6. Start paying TW's hospital bills (sniff).
7. Clean off my darn desk. Sheesh. How hard can it be? Really?
8. Blog all of the apps from the Cybils shortlist challenge. (there are a lot and I've almost forgotten what a couple of them do, hah.)
9. Figure out which reading challenges I'm going to do in 2013.
10. Start planning another trip to Hawaii to see JMP.

What's on your December to do list?

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