Ten To Dos in February 2012

I came so close to crossing off all 10 of my To Dos in January. I'm going to work hard to get all 10 crossed off this month. Seriously. I'm going to DO IT!

Here's my list:

1) Straighten up the bookshelves.
2) Read at least five books for my reading challenges.
3) Talk to Haldechick about a custom piece.
4) Go couponing at Menards.
5) Clean out the medicine cabinet.
6) Figure out when I'm going to Hawaii.
7) Clean out the cabinets/shelves in my desk.
8) Write two blog posts that are not about books I read or the snow that is (or isn't) on the ground.
9) Help RJ with Girl Scout Ways.
10) Get back to my altered book.

What's on your To Do List this month? (And how did you do last month?)

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