Ten To Dos for February 2013

Uh oh. February is a short month... I'm worried about my list, already. That's never a good sign! So, maybe I should try and go easy on myself? Yea, that's what I'll do... here's my "go easy" list for the month:

1. Keep blogging every day!
2. Clean off the Expedit. (carry over from January)
3. Keep working on JMP's stocking!
4. Come up with a list of books/movies for the challenge and put them on the reading/watching calendar!
5. Clean up my Netflix queue.
6. Send Michelle's blender.
7. Go vegetarian, again...maybe.
8. Walk the dog more often!
9. Put JMP's toys away. (sniff)
10. Clean up my Evernote.

What's on your to do list, this month?

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