Ten To Dos in January 2013

Happy New Year! A new year, a new set of lists. Yay! I'm almost excited about my list today, even though I don't really know what's going to show up there until I start typing. Which is weird. The first day of a new year usually just feels like another day to me. Maybe this is a good omen and I'm going to have a great month.

On to my list:

1. Think about doing a My365 challenge.
2. Get back to my tag journal for JMP.
3. Work on JMP's stocking at least once a week, all month long.
4. Figure out how to use (and how I want to use) my new Evernote/Moleskine.
5. Order Michelle's birthday present.
6. Get all of these Christmas delivery boxes broken down and into the trash bins by 1/16/13.
7. Keep blogging!
8. Organize the cold room, upstairs "lounge", and the stuff in Prince J's bedroom closets.
9. Clean up the Expedit.
10. Make sure to read two books from my stacks of unread books.

There's my list for the month -- what's on yours? And are you excited to get it done, this month?

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