Ten To Dos in June 2012

I'm kind of amazed at all of the stuff I didn't get done while on my three week vacation to Hawaii. I started out strong and then once JMP was born... everything else went out the window and here I am wondering where the month of May disappeared to. Shoot.

Oh well, that makes it easier to create my June list, right?

1) Finish four blog posts I started last week - that aren't specifically about being a grandmother.
2) Take my car for its emissions test.
3) Get my new base sticker and renew my ID card.
4) Clean out my darn iPhone contacts. Sheesh.
5) Email Laine about my blog.
6) Create a reading plan for June -- and stick to it.
7) Figure out when we're going to visit Michelle in Philadelphia.
8) Figure out when we're going to visit JMP again in Hawaii.
9) Re-organize the closet, dressers, stockpile room, cabinets. Everything seems very messy all of a sudden.
10) Send packages to Sassymonkey, Victorias_View, Chris, and JMP.

What's on your to do list in June? Anything fun?

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