Ten To Dos In June 2013

June, already! How did that happen? And how did you do in May? I did pretty well, all things considered, and am looking forward to doing even better this month. Here's my list:

1. Read another book from my stacks.
2. Catch up on some e-book reading.
3. Do some sightseeing in Austin.
4. Clean up my feedreader. (Maybe that will help me not hate my new feedreader?)
5. Finish my JMP tag book.
6. Send Chris a book.
7. Call my dad for Father's Day.
8. Get these clothes dropped off at the donation bin.
9. Put away the winter clothes? Maybe? (Every time I think about doing it, the temps drop to the 30s!)
10. Clean out and off my desk. (The problem with having a glass display top is stuff gets shoved in there that should not be shoved in there!)

What's on your list this month?

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