Ten To Dos in March 2012

I came so close to finishing my list in February -- I know it says I only did 6 of 10 but I was really much closer than that. I did some partial things and I was READY to do other things but had to postpone them due to weird kid activities (let's just blame RJ for everything, ok?)

So, this month I'm carrying those forward and I will do them. I mean it!

1) Go couponing at Menards (hopefully a good sale will come up, something that isn't the 11% rebate on everything sale.)
2) Finish cleaning my desk cabinet (I got 3/4 done last month!)
3) Get back to work on my altered book.
4) Help RJ with Girl Scout Ways (good timing since it's Girl Scout Birthday month!)
5) Read at least four books from my challenges (that aren't children's picture books, though I should read some of those, too.)
6) Blog two posts that aren't about books.

7) Find some summer clothes that I can wear to Hawaii.
8) Help Michelle figure out her move to Philadelphia.
9) Take a real day off.
10) Put a package in the mail to Chris and another to Jenn.

What's on your to do list this month? How did you do in February?

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