Ten To Dos in May 2012

I could totally rig my May list -- I could put "take a day off!" on my list and ... poof, done. But, it's not right to add something THAT easy to the list, the whole point of putting "take a day off" on the list is to encourage me to do something I would not normally do. So... nope. It's not there. I do think I'll be able to get these done -- surely -- with three weeks of vacation time in front of me...

1) Clean out my Contacts. My iPhone somehow synced ALL of my contacts, which includes the email addresses of everyone I've ever emailed -- and in my job, that's a whole lot of contacts (and a whole lot of triplicate email addresses for individual people.) It's a MESS.
2) Clean out my old email. I'm getting close to my limit.
3) Clean out the folders on my desktop.
4) Email Laine about my blog...
5) Read some bloggers' books: Jane Devin, Suzie Ivy, The Bloggess for starters.
6) Take lots of pictures of Johnny Mac Pippin.
7) Blog about something that is NOT related to being a grandmother.
8) Catch up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Foursquare, Youtube friend/follow requests.
9) Figure out where to take my car for its emissions test, when I get back from Hawaii.
10) Put the winter clothes away.

So that's my Hawaii vacation/Johnny Mac Pippin to do list for this month. What's on your list?

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