Ten To Dos in October 2012

Thank goodness September is over. I much prefer October and am always much better at getting things done. Let's hope that trend lasts... Here's my to do list for the month:

1) Take the Funhouse car to the shop.
2) Nail the kids down about their holiday travel so I can buy plane tickets. (updated: one kid down, another to go!)
3) Figure out if I need to mail JMP's Christmas gifts or if he's coming home for Christmas.
4) Talk to TW about RJ's birthday gifts.
5) Figure out what the kids want for Christmas. (Updated: one kid down, five to go!)
6) Get back to work on JMP's stocking -- maybe he'll have it next year? hah.
7) Knock another 20 books off of my Cybils Challenge.
8) Contact Laine about redesigning my blog.
9) Clean off my desk.
10) Do some maintenance on my computer, which has been sluggish lately, and remove some of JMP's photos/videos from my iPhone (I'm running out of room!)

What's on your to do list this month -- did you get anything done in September, I sure didn't. LOL

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