Ten To Dos In September 2012

Ah September, the month I love to hate and this one's going to be a doozy. How many of these things can I get done... I hope I can at least get the ones moved from August into the DONE column. Not that I have columns or anything, but you know what I mean.

1) Mail my mom's birthday gift. (I have to start early with this because I am BAD with getting stuff into the mail box.
2) Mail a box for Jenn and JMP.
3) Work on JMP's stocking. Christmas is coming, for goodness sakes!
4) Teach Michelle Belle to cross stitch (this will be dependent on her being able to find her cross stitch stuff after moving this week.)
5) Get back to the living a curated life by purging stuff! Shouldn't be too hard since the puppy keeps finding things for me to purge.
6) Move RJ into J's room.
7) Start thinking about the winter clothes problem.
8) Take TW on a doggone date. And Waffle House with the dog on our trip to Philly doesn't count!
9) Find a new microwave and a new coffee maker.
10) Create a holiday shopping budget.

What's on your to do list, this month?

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