Ten in January 2011

I know I'm going to write 2010 all year long when I make these lists. 10 in 2011 just doesn't have the same ring to it but damn if I'm going to expand my list to 11 things to do - 10 is hard enough! (Here's the background on the 10 in 2010 challenge, I'm continuing into 2011... obviously. I hope you'll join me.)

1) Stick to my darn budget!
2) Work on reducing the amount of FOOD WASTE every week.

3) Blog, blog, and blog some more. I have stories to tell, I should tell them. (stolen from Sassymonkey...)
4) Begin to SMARTLY reserve books at the library rather than just haphazardly reserving. Here's the post about how I'm going to reserve smartly
5) Clean up the files on my desktop again.
6) Update my wordpress installations again.
7) Comment on new blogs every day this month.
8) Get the rest of the cardboard boxes broken down and put in the recycle bin.
9) Clean the cold room closet. (This is our one storage closet and it's a mess now that Christmas is over. It was a mess before Christmas but at least I had an excuse.)
10) Don't have a heart attack when I do my taxes (or see TW's taxes.)

What's on your to do list this month?

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