Ten in July 2011

I never once looked at my June list after I created it. That. Has. Never. Happened! (And it had better not happen again!) No wonder June was such a mixed up mess. I need my lists to keep me on track. ;-)

Here's my July to do list:

1) Join Nablopomo
2) Take the dog to the vet.
3) Arrange for kenneling for the BlogHer '11 trip.
4) Send Jenn a care package.
5) Get this stuff carried out to the garage, darn it!
6) Figure out how I'm going to reach my reading goals since half the month, I mean year!, has gone by and I'm way behind.
7) Figure out a new in store coupon organizer method. I'm tired of envelopes.
8) Decide what the August/September birthday people need for their birthdays.
9) Take a vacation day -- and do something with it.
10) Reorganize the stockpile room.

What's on your to do list this month?

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