Ten in March 2011

Can I just say thank goodness February is over? Sheesh. It was an awfully long month for such a short month. I'm ready for a fresh start, how about you?

Here's my list for the month:
1) Figure out where to put all of the toilet paper and paper towels we've stockpiled. Heh.
2) LEAVE MORE COMMENTS! I always start well and I usually end well, but the middle of the month is pretty comment-free.
3) Blog something besides coupons, books, and the daily snow photo.
4) Figure out my PTO. I scheduled a whopping half day off... I need to do better than that. But there's an awful lot of work to be done...
5) Call my SIL. Last month, I just messaged her on Facebook but I'd really like to call her and hear more about her coupon life. She's fun to talk to.
6) Read another 10 books on my challenge list.
7) Clean up my bookmarks and bookmark folders. (Yes, I still use bookmarks.)
8) Figure out this budget issue - again. (Don't ask.)
9) Take TW on a date, since she won't take me on one...
10) Clean out my email folders and do some archiving.

What's on your to do list in March?

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