Ten in November 2010

Here's the background on the X in 2010 Challenge.

The key to succeeding is to stack the list so that you are sure to succeed. Deep, right? Also a little like cheating, right? Oh well, I'm ok with cheating in this case. It's November. I'm traveling again this month. The weather has turned. I'm creating a list that I will enjoy while still filling it with things that I need to do.

1) Read another 10 books from my Challenge lists. (I think I've only got 18 to go, not counting the Nancy Drews. I can do this...) (5 down after the first week!)
2) Call my Dad, again. Preferably before he calls me... (I tried, he didn't answer - so I'll try again tomorrow...)
3) Take some vacation days and don't work all day during those vacation days. (Some work is always acceptable, though.) (Vacation days have been scheduled. Now... to take them...)
4) Finish those darn reviews. I'm almost done. Really. Just two to go...
5) Buy plane tickets for the kids before November 15. (2 tickets purchased - 1 or 2 to go...)
6) Finish the Christmas shopping for those whose gifts have to be mailed - by November 15.
7) Get the stuff in the garage carried away by Goodwill or some other charitable organization. (TW got some stuff hauled away on Thursday. I'll work on the rest next week.)
8) Mail a box to the Fake Husband (and to a couple of others...)
9) Clean up my desk (inside and out).
10) Clean out the laundry room.

What are the 10 things you really want to do in November?

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