Ten in October 2010

Here's the background on the X in 2010 Challenge. Join us, it's not too late.

I'm carrying some stuff over from September because I didn't do it or I need to do it again or I need to do it BETTER. Such is life, right?

1) Get SOME exercise. Sheesh.
2) Blog, blog and blog again. I did well last month and I want to do well this month.
3) Eat out LESS. I still don't know what "less" really is but I have a better idea now.
4) Enjoy my BlogHer Food vacation (which means do not work the whole trip!)
5) Read 15 books on my challenge list (it's getting harder... and time is running short...)
6) Finish writing reviews - I'm almost done but a new batch of items for review is on its way...
7) Move the "summer clothes" into some closet and find some "winter clothes".
8) Get something done in the "cold room". I've given up on totally cleaning it out but something has to happen.
10) Do all of the shopping for those whose packages must be mailed and get it all boxed up and ready to ship for November.

What's on your list?

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