Ten Signs You've Been Invaded by Teenagers

Ten Signs You’ve Been Invaded by Teenagers

  1.  Your refrigerator is empty….the day after a $250 grocery shopping experience.
  2. All your drinking glasses/mugs have disappeared and you find yourself drinking your morning coffee out of the sugar bowl.
  3. You have never forgotten to pick up your teen from practice, you just discover half way to the dance studio that it is, in fact, basketball night, not dance night.
  4. You find not one, but four empty boxes of cereal in the cupboard and rationalize that it’s okay….because the milk jug in the fridge is empty too.
  5. Your teen exclaims they “have nothing to wear!!” Even though their bedroom floor looks like fallout from a Hollister store explosion.
  6. You discover that Febreeze has a new scent…its call “Axe”.  And while it doesn’t make your son's room smell like a “fresh mountain breeze”, it temporarily obliterates your olfactory sense so you can’t smell at all!
  7. You are able to outfit half a baseball team with articles of clothing and gear you find in your car on any given day in the spring.  And yes…that INCLUDES a CUP (not the drinking kind)!
  8. As a parent, you have had to make the tough choices…. Team Edward or Team Jacob….or now…Team Gale or Team Peeta (duh….Team Jacob…hello???).
  9. Despite how much you hate Miley Cyrus (even back when she was Hannah Montana), you find yourself belting out the chorus of “Wrecking Ball” at the top of your lungs while running the vacuum cleaner (“You Wre…ek…ek…ed me”)!
  10. You can’t imagine what your life would be without the dirt, clutter, chaos, sarcasm and joy of being the parent of a teenager!!


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