Ten Things About Me

Bad Luck Detective's Challenge: Ten Things About Me That Folks Might Not Know

1.  I'm not really a cat

2.  I don't drink milk - ever.  However, I have a real fondness for cheese, particularly parmesan.

3.  I smile easily

4.  I'm not very comfortable showing my emotions to others so I've tried to compensate by learning to speak honestly

5.  I was a pretty good kid, but I honestly don't know how I made it to adulthood without getting in trouble or getting seriously injured

6.  I spent more time devising ways to cheat on tests in school than actually studying for the tests

7.  In elementary school, I made up pretend books and turned in book reports on them and received good grades

8.  I love lying in bed with a chewable calcium pill slowly dissolving in my mouth

9.  I love eecummings poetry more and more

10.  I'm horrible at putting periods at the ends of my sentences.  And I LOVE beginning sentences with words that aren't supposed to begin sentences.


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