Ten Things I Learned From My Mother

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Carley Barton
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This is a parenting post from the opposite end of the spectrum. I spend a post looking at the lessons I learned from my mother, and how they have shaped me as an adult. I do not only discuss the good things, but I discuss times of hurt, times of healing, and times of extreme growth and reflection. I deconstruct moments that I am not proud of, and how my mother handled them, which has shaped the way that I now handle problems. I look at challenges we faced, and moments that we prevailed. I wanted to reach out to the BlogHer community, to not only display the amazing job my mother did raising me, but to thank ALL of the moms who put their time, energy, and passion into their children. There will be tough moments, but just know that all of your daughters will someday be as grateful as I am.

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