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I realize that most of us aren't thinking about shaving at this time of year. I know that many of us are content to pull on a pair of tights and not deal with the aggravation of shaving our legs or bikini lines as the cold weather sets in...but I'm one of those type A people who continues to shave throughout the winter and that means that I need to treat my skin all winter long. I was long plagued with terrible razor burn and rashes after shaving and searched high and low for something to soothe my skin, especially in "sensitive areas." I had read about Tend Skin many years ago in a fashion magazine but was put off by the price (it ranges, but can be about $20 a bottle) I tried several other things to combat my ever-present bumps and red skin - I bought products designed especially for my problem: Bikini Zone, witch hazel, and even tried some home remedies I had read about (imagine me making a paste of baking soda and applying it?). Finally, I bit the bullet and got myself one of those small blue bottles....

Accidentally discovered by a dentist in 1985, this unique formulation
was a side effect of medication given to a patient who informed the
doctor that something was suddenly clearing his skin of unsightly razor
Since then, many other uses for Tend Skin have been
discovered. Tend Skin will improve the appearance of razor bumps,
ingrown hairs, and redness caused by hair removal. Excellent for both
women and men, you will see results in 24 hours!

Rumor has it that Tend Skin contains a percentage of an aspirin-like chemical (so, if you are allergic to aspirin stay away). It has a funny kind of scent, and I find that I need to thoroughly wash my hands after I use it, but I can report that it IS 100% effective at completely curing the bumps, itching and terrible rash I used to get as well as preventing ingrown hairs from ever becoming a problem.  Supposedly, Tend Skin was an industry secret for a long long time before it was sold to the public, and, in the old days, before photoshop, I never saw a swimsuit model with razor burn. It's also supposed to be excellent for men who get bumps and rashes on their necks - though, I have to say, it seems a little to fierce to use anywhere on my face.

Their website is a little wonky, but don't let that hold you back. Tend skin is available at Sephora, and Amazon,  and probably in your local health/beauty aisle. And don't worry about the price, that little bottle goes a long way. In further testament to my thriftiness, I will admit that I bought one of these to use to apply Tend Skin sparingly and only where I want it.  

You may not thank me now, but next summer I promise that Tend Skin will make your $60 bikini look like a million bucks!

 Tend Skin


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