"The Tenderness of the Truth"

May 26, "Tenderness and the Truth", St. Bede Acts 16:11-15 John 15:26-16:4

Tendernessw and severity unfold in Scripture and in our lives. To what will we testify?  When we face God of what will be sorry for?  The Scripture is full of violence and severity--ie Paul persecuting the Christians--and in his conversion--much tenderness. 

I have experienced more anger, and danger from Christians then I have from those who did not believe.  It is how we humans allow God to enter our lives, mode and change them that makes the difference--it is not about the black and white where God works, but in the grey areas. Dr. Will Tutle sums up how we can truly be free:

To be free, we must practice freeing others. To feel loved, we must practice loving others. To have true self-respect, we must respect others. The animals and other voiceless beings, the starving humans and future generations, are pleading with us to see: it’s on our plate. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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